“Crazy Sexy Cancer” – A documentary of survival

Here at Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, our team gets together for Lunch & Learns a few times a year. These noon-hour education sessions are put together by our Health Information Specialist Janic and give us the chance to watch TEDTalks, documentaries and film clips about brain tumours, cancer and neuroscience.

Recently we watched “Crazy Sexy Cancer,” an inspiring film about Kris Carr’s experiences as a young 30-something woman diagnosed with a rare and incurable cancer. In Kris’ words, she “dove in head first” into the world of holistic care and wellness, and what could have been a devastatingly sad documentary turns into a funny and personal exploration of the ups and downs of cancer.

What struck me most about Kris’ story was how open she is. Nothing is secret, everything is shared. In Crazy Sexy Cancer, we see Kris try out different diets, meditation exercises and more, all in the effort to understand her body and a Stage IV cancer diagnosis. But more than that, we see the emotional toll that the cancer journey can take. Kris bares her deepest feelings to the camera and us – and it’s truly amazing. She speaks with other patients and survivors about their experiences, too, so we get a glimpse into different perspectives on cancer.

A motivating and touching documentary, I would recommend Crazy Sexy Cancer to anyone affected by a brain tumour diagnosis – survivors and caregivers alike. Be sure to check out the trailer below:

Have you had a chance to watch Crazy Sexy Cancer, or maybe you’ve read one of Kris Carr’s books? Let us know what you think in the comments!

And if you’re a Twitter user, you can follow Kris online (and Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada too!).

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