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NEW radio ads feature real brain tumour survivors and caregivers across Canada  

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is featuring real people affected by a brain tumour in a 2018 radio ad campaign to promote Brain Tumour Walk events across Canada.  

The ads will roll out at radio stations across Canada starting in May. The voices you will hear are real people, with real stories and a real passion for a cause they are part of. Although we love the voices of our favourite radio announcers, the authenticity of having individuals from the brain tumour community participate in promoting our largest fundraising event, brings a more genuine ask for support. These are the actual people your donations will benefit. We want to make that connection between our donors and the lives they are impacting.  

The voice behind the ad – Mckenna’s radio debut in Windsor! 

Depending on where you live, you may hear a sweet young girl on the radio asking you to join a Brain Tumour Walk. Mckenna Lumley, 12, is one of six people involved in producing this year’s radio ads across the country. Her voice can be heard on select radio stations in Windsor, London and Guelph.  

Who is Mckenna Lumley? 

Mckenna Lumley

Mckenna Lumley, 12, from Windsor, ON

Mckenna is a 12-year-old brain tumour survivor from Windsor, ON. She is a firecracker bursting with positive energy. She has a brilliant imagination, loves to dance and perform in her community to bring the joy of dance to others. Recording an ad for the radio came easily for Mckenna, who loves to talk, says her mom Karen Metcalfe.  

“She enjoys her own company and can often be found in the playground at school talking to herself and dancing,” says Karen, adding although Mckenna has a significant learning disability, she approaches it with humour. 

“She has written many books in her head but has major difficulties writing so she tends to share them verbally – which sometimes exhausts her brother,” Karen adds.  

Mckenna was four years old when her brain tumour was discovered after experiencing some of the common signs and symptoms – vomiting, morning neck pain (headaches), and dizziness.  

An MRI revealed a mass on her brain and within 36 hours, McKenna was in surgery for 16 hours. She was sent back to the operating room in less than 24 hours after a post-surgery MRI showed some residual tumour. Despite a diagnosis of a non-malignant brain tumour, McKenna still required extensive rehabilitation.  

Today, Mckenna is thriving and determined to help others affected by a brain tumour.  

“There are some wonderful organizations for children with cancer, but as a child with a non-malignant brain tumour, she didn’t fit with those organizations so Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada gave McKenna and our family a place to share, support and connect with others,” says Karen, coordinator of the Windsor Brain Tumour Walk. “It gives us hope and allows us to give back.” 

The young survivor started her own business selling glitter tattoos at her school to raise money for the foundation and was the first Walk registrant to reach the Grand Club (raised $1,000). So far, Mckenna’s Harry Potter-inspired team 9 ¾ Wizards and Witches Against Brain Tumours has raised more than $7,000.  

“The walk allows us to make a difference, and as a mother, it allows me to give hope to McKenna,” says Karen.  

As the ads start airing in cities across Canada, they will be posted on our website. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to read more about the people behind the voice!   

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